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HR Outsourcing in Florida. HRO Options

HR Outsourcing in Florida. HRO Options As a business executive in Florida, outsourcing your HR department may be one of your biggest decisions this year. One aspect to evaluating outsource candidate companies is their location. If your company is in Florida, wouldn’t you like the increased trust factor in knowing your HR outsource is also in Florida and intimate with issues specific to your state? MBA has been a shining star in Florida area over the last ten years. You should know that we’ve received multiple awards drawing praise for the services and support we provide our clients. As your fellow Florida HRO, we have unique aspects to our services to better serve your company: Better understanding of your own employees and how to take action required based on issues specific to Florida. (like, “How should the housing market affect my recruiting efforts and relocation packages?” Or “How do I handle a multilingual job candidate that is still working on their ...

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Are your discrimination claims going up? You need a HR outsource. Here’s why.

Are your discrimination claims going up? You need a HR partner. Here’s why. USA Today recently ran an informative article, based on recently release EEOC data, on why your discrimination claims are going up. Understanding the effects of recent market and discrimination law changes will help you better prepare for what’s ahead for you. Contributing Factors to more claims: Changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act last year made it easier for people with treatable conditions to say they are disabled (epilepsy, diabetes, etc.) Legislation signed into law by President George W. Bush before he left office directs courts to apply the definition of disability more generously. We have a more diverse workplace with people from all over the world and made up of many races. The economic environment seems to be contributing to employees being more aware of their rights. Changes at the EEOC filing processes (and EEOC website) have been made it easier for an employees to learn abou ...

Outsource Human Resources – Tampa

Outsource Human Resources – Tampa Outsourcing some, or all, of your human resources processes for a Tampa company is an important decision. As a Tampa business owner, your human resources capabilities can hinder your growth with time-consuming paperwork and expose you to legal complications that can be avoided by leveraging a local Tampa Bay human resources partner. We enable you to off-load your: Payroll Administration Workers’ Compensation Benefits Support Human Resources Tampa Bay local knowledge. Possibly the most important aspect of our business is the monitoring of legislative changes and keeping your HR procedures and policies up to par. These services are designed to offer you back-office support so you can focus on new revenue and avoid situations that lead to lawsuits. Our knowledgeable Tampa Bay human resources team includes employment tax professionals, certified payroll processors, licensed insurance agents, employment law attorneys, and a ...

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Get upfront PEO-contract clarity on HR and Payroll Outsourcing fee structures from a professional employer organization, to prevent hassles down the road.

Get upfront PEO-contract clarity on HR and Payroll Outsourcing fee structures from a professional employer organization, to prevent hassles down the road. With the changing business environment and the need to focus on generating revenues, many business owners are considering outsourcing the payroll, tax, insurance and employee benefits support tasks for their businesses. Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are designed to take on these duties for you. It is not uncommon for one PEO company to structure its fees differently from others. Building trust with your HR outsourcing company is critical to the relationship’s long term success. When looking at a PEO contract, here’s a list of things to ask upfront, to prevent misunderstandings down the road. “Do you bundle your fees?” Traditionally, PEOs bill their service package in either a bundled or unbundled format. PEOs opting for the unbundled invoice method list the services individually on the invoice. Th ...

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