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Sean McConnell, CEO of MBA, elected president of FAPEO association

The Florida Association of Professional Employer Organizations (FAPEO) is proud to announce that Sean McConnell has been elected president of the association. 

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Our St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida HR company can help you in five key areas.

Our St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida HR company can help you in five key areas. As a business owner in St. Petersburg, FL, you should know that companies that outsource their HR needs to an HR company are now doing it for many more reasons than just cost savings. Companies are now using their HR outsources to increase workforce performance, too. Check that your HR company is acting as a strategic back office by using their experience, HR processes, and software to support these five key areas: Payroll Administration Employee Benefits Support Risk Control and Workers' Compensation Insurance Business Insurance Management Human Resources Consulting A comprehensive assessment of your current business practices can outline the areas that would best serve your company's human resources outsourcing needs. Please feel free to review the summary of HR services we offer at Modern Business Associates to help brainstorm your needs when looking for an HR company in St. Petersburg, ...

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Pay Deductions Quiz: Hourly employee drops the computer! Can you get them to pay up?

Pay Deductions Quiz: Hourly employee drops the computer! Can you get them to pay up? Your new hourly front desk staff employee is paid $1.00 per hour in excess of the required minimum wage and works 40 hours in the workweek. The employee drops his laptop and breaks a piece off. Your existing policies require employee responsibility, so you deduct $50.00 from the employee's weekly paycheck. Have you violated any Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements? Yes. Under the FLSA, the employer could theoretically deduct up to $40.00 to cover some of the loss because the employee has earned $40.00 in excess of the required minimum wage during the workweek. However, once the employer has deducted any earnings in excess of the minimum wage, no further deduction can be made without violating the FLSA. Modern Business Associates frequently deals with payroll issues. As a Professional Employee Organization, our clients rely on us to help them effectively deal with these kinds of topics includi ...

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HR Outsourcing in Florida. HRO Options

HR Outsourcing in Florida. HRO Options As a business executive in Florida, outsourcing your HR department may be one of your biggest decisions this year. One aspect to evaluating outsource candidate companies is their location. If your company is in Florida, wouldn’t you like the increased trust factor in knowing your HR outsource is also in Florida and intimate with issues specific to your state? MBA has been a shining star in Florida area over the last ten years. You should know that we’ve received multiple awards drawing praise for the services and support we provide our clients. As your fellow Florida HRO, we have unique aspects to our services to better serve your company: Better understanding of your own employees and how to take action required based on issues specific to Florida. (like, “How should the housing market affect my recruiting efforts and relocation packages?” Or “How do I handle a multilingual job candidate that is still working on their ...

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HIRE Act Requires Individuals to Sign an affidavit

HIRE Act Requires Individuals to Sign an affidavit

The HIRE Act requires that an individual sign an affidavit attesting to certain requirements that would make the employer eligible for the payroll tax exemption available under the law.  MBA has received several recent inquiries regarding where this affidavit can be obtained.  Please be advised that the IRS is expected to issue a model affidavit to be used for this purpose (see,,id=220749,00.html).   


When the IRS publishes this affidavit, MBA will make it available to you.  In the meantime, please exercise caution using any affidavits located on the internet, as they have not been approved by the IRS.

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