Business Thank You Letter Samples

Why should you have business thank you letter samples? Business thank you letter samples can be very valuable to help seal the deal you just closed with that important client. Too often the focus is so much on closing deals, that the good manners are forgotten in writing the business thank you letter. Samples on hand can help solve that problem.
By telling your customers how much you appreciate their business, it creates a strong working relationship that can pay off in potential future deals. And you don’t have to stop at the initial deal—thank you letters even at the second or even hundredth transaction can continue to build brand loyalty. Studies have shown that it takes four times the work to get a customer than it does keeping a customer. By having a variety of thank you letter samples, the client can be repeatedly thanked in new and interesting ways.
Beyond the payoff of a steady client, it can result in stronger sales that will help your bottom line paycheck. Additionally, by reaching out to customers, it keeps an open line of dialogue that gives an opportunity to address any issues or concerns your customer may have, so make sure your contact information or business card is included with your thank you letter. When you show your clients you care, it builds a loyalty that helps retain that customer when other competitors come calling. 

Examples of opening lines:

  • Thank you for your business. We truly appreciate the chance to offer you our services, and we are confident that you will be pleased.
  • We are so delighted that you have decided to accept our business proposal. We pride ourselves in personal service, and we can’t wait to start.
  • We truly appreciate your time in hearing our proposal, and we are proud to call you one of our customers.

Body of Letter:

Mention some of the main issues they’ve asked you to solve. “We look forward to finishing the work the other contractor left incomplete.” “We’re happy to be able to offer a dependable service for you.”

Availability Line:

Since you are writing this letter to a person, make sure you offer a direct way to contact you. “I am available whenever you may have questions, comments or suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail.”

Examples of closing lines:

  • We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you, and are ready to begin at anytime.
  • We look forward to providing you our high standard of quality service.
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