Letter Confirming Employment Free Template

To have an employee request a letter confirming employment is a new experience for some small businesses. It's important to keep the letter simple and not to divulge any private information that goes beyond the request.
Frequently, these requests for a letter confirming employment are the result of an employee needing to provide back-up documentation when applying for apartments, insurance applications, and when pursuing other financial commitments. Employment Confirmation letters (also called Employment Verification Letters) 
Many HR departments have created policies that prevent managers from writing reference letters for past and current employees. There do, however, allow the staff to write employment confirmation letters. They are a safer alternative.
You should equip your HR department with a template to use. The template should be on company letterhead and be stored on your computer network so it can be easily located when needed.
The general format is:
  1. Current Date
  2. Your Contact Information
  3. Greeting
  4. Subject Line ("Letter of Employment Verification for Sally Smith")
  5. Opening Line with the employee's name, your company name and their hire date
  6. The compensation information, including the term (weekly, bi-weekly, annual, etc.)
  7. An offer to be available for answering any questions
  8. Closing
Mr. Mike Williams
Century Apartment Complex
25 Century Lane
Springfield, MO 13243
Subject: Letter of Employment Verification for Sally Smith
Mr. Williams,
Sally Jones has been employed as a Marketing Manager at Smith Industries since Jan 15th, 2010.
Sally's annual salary as of 3/1/2010 is $40,000.
She works on a full-time basis.
Please contact me at 1 800 555 5555 if I can be of any additional service.
Bob Smith
Smith Industries
123 Avenue North
Springfield, MO 12345
  • Sign the letter.
  • Only include salary information if it is specifically requested.
  • Keep the letter simple and short. Do not disclose any unnecessary information.
  • Print the letter on your letterhead.

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