Depending on the size of your company, your HR staff may be spending significant amounts of time updating payroll information in the computer system, send and receiving payroll forms, and answering payroll questions. For those of us in the HR field, we know that tax season brings its own rush of questions and employee needs.
Many businesses are working toward providing more and more information to employees via online services. This allows employees to access the information they need on their own schedule, including after hours and the weekends.
Many of these online services allow employees to:
  • Change payroll and deduction information.
  • View and print payroll vouchers.
  • Print W2 Tax forms
  • View their earned time-off balances.
  • Ability for employees to submit electronic time sheets
  • Ability for employees to submit reimbursement forms.

Companies benefit from these online services through:
  • Having employee data in an off-location facility helps ensure the data survives work-location disasters due to fire or severe weather.
  • Having employee data housed in a website services should lower in-house IT needs focused on the HR computer systems.
  • Cost savings associated with avoiding printing and updating physical HR forms.
As a business owner, you may need to assist employees with utilizing these services through the installation of a few computer “banks” available to employees who prefer to access their information from the workplace. This helps employees who may not have access to computers at home to take advantage of the online offerings.
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