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Avoiding dangers in first five minutes of a U.S. Department of Labor Audit

Avoiding dangers in first five minutes of a U.S. Department of Labor Audit The manager at one of your locations notices an individual enter the establishment. The manager, assuming the individual is a customer, approaches to ask whether he can be of assistance. The individual is not a customer at all; instead, flashing her badge, she reveals she is a wage-and-hour investigator with the U.S. Department of Labor. Is your company prepared? Do your managers know how to respond to the investigator? Here are some top tips in what to do now, so you are prepared for a Dept. of Labor audit. Have an attorney or human resources professional audit your wage-and-hour practices, and review them at least annually. Make sure managers know what to do in the event the DOL comes knocking at the door. Make sure front-line staff know not to volunteer records or information on the spot to Dept. of Labor agents. They should ensure the investigator that the organization will be cooperative and politel ...

Avoid audit penalties by understanding more about current exempt employee law and deductions

 Avoid audits. Exempt Employee laws and deductions. Modern Business Associates deals with these kinds of issues on a frequent basis. As a Human Resource Outsource Organization, our clients rely on us to help them effectively deal with these kinds of labor topics including appropriate deductions, Sick Leave Policies, and compliance issues like FMLA.

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