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Designing an Internship Program

Designing an Internship Program   Designing an Internship Program can create a great way to pave the way to create relationships with local schools and pave the way to boosting your recruiting program. It’s not uncommon for over 20% of a company’s new-hires to come from its internship program.   Then designing an internship program, several factors should be considered:   Strategic Planning Will your internship program be available year-round? Post openings at least eight weeks from the start date. Will they need workspace? Will they need computer access? What kinds of meaningful projects will they participate in?   Supervising Since internships are generally a training type of program, they will typically need a greater amount of supervision than the normal employees. Each intern will need to be welcomed to the company and taken through many of the normal employee orientation efforts, like security, facility accommodations, punch in/out pr ...

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Cons of hiring an intern

Cons of hiring an intern   Internships can be either paid or unpaid, depending on the circumstances. Keep a sharp eye on the current guidelines to stay in compliance, especially when trying to create an unpaid intern program. It’s now very difficult to create a compliant unpaid internship program. Here are a few of the cons of hiring an intern: Hiring an intern takes time. The candidate search and the interviewing and screening process can take just as much work as a full-time employee hire. Plus, the intern usually only participates in the program for a few months, lowering the return on the hiring investment your team made. Hiring an intern is usually not free. A recent flurry of political focus has clearly established that federal and state regulators are worried that companies are abusing internship programs and using them for free labor. In general, for an unpaid internship to be lawful under the FLSA, the intern must be properly classified as a "trainee" rather than an "empl ...

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