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Workplace Trends that May Change How you do Business Down the Road

Workforce experts expect artificial intelligence and e-mail will put an end to HR as we know it. Here are some predictions of how workforce management will be in 10 years. Labor Unions – In spite of decreasing membership, labor unions are not expected to grow. Company Involvement will Increase in Schools – Concerned over students poorly prepared for the job market, more and more businesses are getting involved with schools. Corporate sponsors are showing up on school campuses across the U.S. Consultants – Today, about 30 million Americans are self-employed. Since companies are always looking at outsourcing as a way to control costs, the use of freelancers and consultants is expected to grow. Companies will be Open 24/7 – In an effort to speed up services and production, and to reach new customers in foreign time zones, more and more companies will be open for business 24/7. E-mail – It’s taken less than 10-years for electronic mail to become the main way people communicate. It make ...

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How Can you Measure Employee Engagement at the Workplace?

Gallup Came Up with 12 Questions to Help It’s important for employers to always take time to stop and measure employee engagement on the job. After all, if your workers are happy, they will work harder for you and will most likely stick around longer. The Gallup Organization came up with a feedback system for companies to identify and measure various elements of employee engagement. Most items directly relate to the bottom line (including things like productivity, customer loyalty and sales growth). As the result of thousands of interviews with employees in various industries and hundreds of focus groups, Gallup came up with the “Q12.” This is a 12-question survey that explores strong feelings of employee engagement. The 12-questions Gallup came up with are as follows: Do you know what is expected of you at work? Do you have the materials and equipment you need to do your work right? At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? In the last seven days, h ...

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Florida Workers’ Compensation Report for 2010 Released

The Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) recently released its 2010 annual report on the workers’ compensation insurance industry in Florida. In an effort to evaluate the current state of the market, the report explores the affordability and availability of workers’ compensation insurance coverage in the state. The report found the following: No market participant has sufficient market share to dictate pricing. There are no major barriers to entry or withdrawal that negatively impact the market. The Florida market is competitive. This is proven by a large number of insurers writing workers’ compensation insurance. The number of people coming to the market (as compared to those withdrawing) also implies the workers’ compensation insurance market is attractive. The report also notes when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance, Florida’s residual market is small, especially when evaluated in relation to residual markets of other heavily populated states. The report also fou ...

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How can you Strengthen Accountability with Employees at your Company?

If you are currently implementing new processes in your company, it’s probably a good time to take a look at accountability. All managers and employees should know what happens at each step of the process. All of your employees should also always know what’s expected of them. According to the Vermont Small Business Development Center, when addressing accountability, it’s important to link specific responsibilities to specific consequences. By encouraging and addressing accountability concerns, this can create a top-down environment of cooperating with and creating respect for co-workers. Encouraging personal accountability should help workers understand that everyone is expected to be committed to maintaining and achieving greater levels of success. When the importance of accountability processes are addressed, this ensures there is no “passing of the buck.” The Vermont Small Business Development Center recommends five ways to strengthen accountability on the job: Employ ...

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Survey Finds Employers think their Workers are Happy with Benefits

What Benefits will make Employees Content? According to a recent survey of Benefits Communication practices conducted by BLR Human Resource Network, 78 percent of those surveyed believe their employees to be either “very” or “somewhat happy” with the benefits they offer. Sixty-eight percent of employers say they do not regularly survey employees to determine benefit satisfaction. The survey also found even though 59 percent of employers do not use any outside survey data to determine benefits to offer, 89 percent of those surveyed believe the benefits they provide are similar to those that are provided by other employers with which they compete for employees. Sixty percent of employers also reported their company gives employees an annual summary of features of their benefit program. There is a direct correlation with company size in this area, as 58 percent of companies with 100 or fewer employees provided a summary and 79 percent for those companies with 1,000 employees or mo ...

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