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Outsource to grow your company capacity

Outsourcing’s growing popularity is being driven by many business trends including the ability to have a more flexible staff without many of the costs associated with a traditional new-hire, like office space, new employee orientation and benefit packages. Some of the more popular reasons to look at outsourcing are: Access to skilled expertise Many times, finding and recruiting specially skilled employees can be a big challenge. Characterizing the current state of trying to hire employees is that there is a glut of people looking for low-skilled positions, while there is a shortage of qualified skilled-position applicants. Avoiding costs associated with supporting skilled employees The costs associated with maintaining specially skilled in-house employees can be a burden when they need on-going training and tools to remain competitive in their field. Many kinds of outsources also need to spend extensive time and training keeping up-to-date with compliance legislation that may affect their field, ...

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Saver’s tax credit for lower income workers

Lower income employees can get a tax credit worth up to $1,000 every year if they contribute to an IRA or workplace plan like a 401(k) or 403(b). This moves up to $2,000 for married couples if each spouse contributes at least $2,000 to the retirement account. This Retirement Savings contributions Credit is in addition to the tax benefits workers get then they contribute to their tax-sheltered retirement plan. Enacted in 2002 as a temporary provision, the saver’s credit was made a permanent part of the tax code in 2006 federal legislation. To help preserve the value of the credit, income limits are adjusted annually to keep pace with inflation. For 2011 workers, their adjusted gross income cannot exceed: Single/Married Filing Separately: $28,250 Married Filing Jointly: $56,500  Head of Household: $42,375  You are disqualified from receiving the credit if: You were born after Jan. 1, 1994. You were claimed as a dependent. You were a full-time student. ...

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Congress has many irons in the fire to help small business

Senate majority leader harry Reid recently announced plans to promote legislation to spur capital formation for small businesses. The Democrat from Nevada said the Senate Banking Committee will hold a hearing on small business growth. The House of Representatives is pushing its own related legislation. From the Senate floor, Reid said, "Too many Americans are still hurting financially or struggling to find work…And it is crucial for Congress continue efforts to create jobs and rebuild our economy." Reid continued by saying the Senate measures would improve innovators' access to capital and streamline how companies sell stock through initial public offerings, or IPOs, while protecting investors. In September of 2011, Senators Jon Tester and Pat Toomey introduced a bill that would broaden an exemption to allow companies to sell up to $50 million in shares without filing an abundance of paperwork. The current regulations limit is $5 million. December 2011 brought Senators Charles Schumer and Toomey&rsq ...

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Apple’s Siri is one additional tool for saving time in the workplace

As a business owner it’s always important to take advantage of ways to save time. With the creation of the iPhone and its new Siri voice activated service, innovative execs are finding ways it can help them save time and be a little more effective in the workplace. Quickly make a phone call Just hold the “Home” button down and wait for the two short beeps followed by “What can I help you with?” Then, say “Call Jane” or “Call the office”. The Siri service will instantly type what you said on the screen and connect to the phone’s dialer to complete the call. Find Directions to a location Again, just hold the “Home” button down and wait for the two short beeps. Then say, “Directions to a gas station.” Or, you might say, “Directions to Bob Smith,” If Bob Smith’s contact information is in your phone. Create reminders based on your location With Siri, you can also create a reminder based on your location. ...

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No fault Insurance fraud – busted in New York

Local authorities in New York revealed charges against 36 defendants. Those accused includes 10 doctors and three attorneys. The charges involve an alleged scheme to defraud auto insurance companies of more than $275 million under New York’s no-fault insurance law. The charges include conspiracies to commit: Racketeering Healthcare Fraud And Money Laundering. “While purporting to be legitimate medical care clinics specializing in treating patients, the no-fault clinics were, in fact, medical fraud mills that routinely billed automobile insurance companies under the no-fault law for medical treatments that were either never provided and/or unnecessary, because the patients did not medically need the treatments,” court documents. The indictment stated the medical clinics involved in the arrests are not owned nor controlled by licensed doctors. The clinics allegedly paid a fee to licensed medical professionals for them to create a professional corporation through which t ...

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