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Can you guess the top five most expensive health risks?

A recent report (Healthyroads HERO II study) published in the journal Heath Affairs list the top modifiable health risk factors employees face. These risks should be the targets for wellness programs and incentive based plans to help increase employee health and decrease heath care expenses for the employees and the company. The trend in the workplace it to use both incentives and penalties to help change employee health behaviors. These incentives are now going beyond mere participation and are beginning to focus on changes in health. So, instead of just giving a perk for taking a weight loss screener survey; companies are now placing their wellness program funds toward benefits for losing weight, measuring the weight loss and reporting it. The top ten modifiable risks listed in the report are: Obesity Physical inactivity Depression Tobacco use High blood glucose High blood pressure Stress High total cholesterol Poor diet High alcohol consumption. Ac ...

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Is your employee recognition system effective?

An employee recognition program allows supervisors and co-workers to reward and place praise upon worker who do an exceptional job. These programs are an inexpensive way to add to morale and teamwork. They are generally not set up to create incentives, that’s what the compensation program is for. Recognition programs allow the company to have a tool to reward employees for special efforts during the year. When you design your company’s employee recognition and reward system, keep in mind the following tips: This is a great way to boost teamwork By allowing employees to nominate, or reward, peers; you are encouraging employees to work together and to respect the relationships they form in the workplace. This is especially useful in cross-departmental projects, where employees can reward a peer from another department. This helps to bridge the gaps in the company culture where some departments may not operate like others, or when departments are in separate buildings. The reward system can hel ...

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Recent report predicts U.S. on the low end of salary increases in 2013

A recent report by the Hay Group predicts the U.S. economy will grow 2.1 percent in 2013. As a result, U.S. salaries will rise only 2.9 percent. This is one of the lowest levels of increase of any global region, just behind Europe and its predicted increase of 3.3 percent. The Hay Group, a global management consultancy, collected outlook data from 69 international companies. Hay Group representatives caution interpretations of their report by saying that growth is usually tied to inflation levels. Some of the higher growth rates in salaries are in regions that are experiencing high inflation as witnessed by Venequela’s 29% incrase and Argentina’s 24.5% increase. Some of the larger countries mention in the report: India (10.5 percent) China (9.5 percent) Russia (9 percent) Brazil (5.5 percent) As usually, for U.S. companies to remain competitive, the entire compensation and benefits package needs to be taken into account and communicated to employees in an efficient ...

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Salaries going up this year, according to report

CareerBuilder has released the results from an online poll conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder. The survey addresses the use of temporary and contract workers anticipated for this year. 40% of companies plan to bring in temporary and contract workers. That’s up 36% from the survey for 2012. Over 40% of businesses plan to transition at least some temporary employees into full-time over. The trend for hiring is also increasing with 26% of companies anticipating increasing hiring in 2013, up 3% from 2012. 19% of employees said they have been approached to work for another company in the last 12 months, even though they didn’t apply for a job at that company. This goes up to 33% for sales rep positions. Professional and business service employees had a 31% rate of being contacted by outside companies. Business owners are planning on being more aggressive with 72% of them planning on paying existing employees more this year, up from 62% in 2012. This enthusiasm from leadersh ...

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Do guns in your employee cars make you worry? There may be nothing you can do about it.

Almost 20 states have created laws restricting employers from creating any policies to ban weapons being stored in employee cars. Gun advocates explaining the need for guns in cars traditionally present the employee’s right to protect themselves during their commute. Many employers counter by stating co-worker safety from guns and workers’ compensation costs are major reasons to keep guns off the company’s property. 2012 saw many attempts at new legislation fail, yet experts are forecasting 2013 as a year when gun advocates will begin pushing anew for legislation outlawing companies from banning weapons from employee vehicles. As a business owner, employee safety is always a top priority. But, as you update your employee manuals and security processes each year; take into consideration that employee law may have changed in your state. Make sure you have a resource available that can help your policies remain in compliance with city, state and federal law. Regarding weapons, your policies ...

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