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EEOC Publishes Their Recent Focus

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently published a plan to highlight its six areas of focus with its Strategic Enforcement Plan . The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently approved a Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP) to establish national enforcement priorities and better integrate enforcement responsibilities. The SEP passed 3-1 with bipartisan support. As a business owner, or HR executive, you should consider reviewing your internal policies in light of this recent announcement. The areas of focus are: Eliminating barriers in recruitment and hiring Consider if your policies include controversial things like credit checks and criminal background checks. Know when they are appropriate. The use of social media screens will also be a red flag. Protecting immigrant, migrant and other vulnerable workers This includes ranch and farm workers. Areas where employees may be suffering unfavorable conditions and being ...

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Social Media becoming a more popular way to recruit employees, research shows

As use of social media continues to soar across all industries, companies are beginning to utilize the many capabilities that the medium has to offer. Recent research indicates that more employers are starting to use social media and networking to recruit candidates for specific jobs. The research was conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management. According to the survey, 77% of participants claimed that they have used social media and networking throughout the hiring process. The medium is beginning an evolution in the way that human resources professionals do their jobs and examine potential candidates.  In 2011, 56 percent of the organizations who were surveyed claimed that they used social networking to discover and communicate with specific candidates. That number was only 34 percent back in 2008. Organizations claim that social networking provides them with the opportunity to reach out to and communicate with applicants who might otherwise overlook the position or the company in questio ...

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Annual Review Major Mistake – The Big Surprise

Annual reviews should be the end result of a year’s worth of coaching and performance feedback. Annual reviews are one of the top ways to lose an employee. Avoid these mistakes to help turn annual reviews from potential pitfalls into a celebration of work effort. Don’t have any surprises at annual reviews Springing unexpected negative feedback on an employee during an annual review, will normally be perceived by the employee as the revealing of a year-long lie. If an employee is not receiving feedback during the year, they usually presume their work is at least adequate. A supervisor that is disappointed in the work of an employee, yet waits until the annual review to reveal the disappointment, is creating a negative bomb to deal with. Employees should be made aware of how their work is holding up during the course of the year. It works to the benefit of both the employee and the employer. If the poor work is documented, and remains poor, the company is compiling documentation to use in support ...

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Consideration of a Workplace Gun Policy

According to workplace experts, if you have less than 10 employees, you might want to consider having a weapons policy in place. This policy should be like other policies you have in place and serve as a guide to acceptable behavior and the standards you expect of your employees.  Generally speaking, private companies are allowed to dictate what is allowed inside of their facilities—however some state laws allow workers to bring weapons into work if they keep it locked in their cars in the parking lot. However, guns stored in this way have to be kept hidden and if a weapon is visible or stolen and used to commit a crime, its owner could be held liable for negligence. Gun owners need to make sure they have proper licensing or certifications their specific state requires and employers should be diligent about making sure employees who bring guns to the parking lot have permits that are in order. In one court case, a plaintiff stated that the federal Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act bans al ...

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Research Shows People Dip into Defined Contribution Plans for Non-Retirement Spending

Research shows more than half of American companies offer employees access to 401(k) or other defined contribution plans. That means each year, more than $118 billion is spent in match contributions. New data information released from the Federal Reserve and the IRS, and then analyzed by HelloWallet, shows that many plan participants are not willing or not able to use their defined contribution plans just for retirement savings. In fact, the data shows more than 25 percent of households have taken funds from their defined contribution accounts for non-retirement spending. That number totals more than $70 billion in withdrawals every year.  The report, written by HelloWallet, found the majority of that $70 billion is driven by cash-outs. Seventy-three percent of people surveyed reported everyday basic financial problems as reasons why they have taken funds out of their defined contribution accounts. In addition, less than 8 percent of breachers report taking early distribution due to the fact that they ...

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