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A Veteran might be your best hire this year.

The military has thousands of jobs types across all the armed forces divisions. Sometimes the job descriptions line up to your open position, but other times they do not. Recruiters know that veterans can be great hires, even if their military job descriptions don't match up to yours. Change management can go well While military training places a huge focus on following orders and enacting commands, it also trains personnel to be aware of their situation and to adapt to their environment as needed. Combat situations are frequently described as "fluid" due to the need to recognize changing circumstances and to change tactics. Veterans come prepared for change management. They see the value in being able to jump into a new routine or process that is more effective than the legacy one. Veterans may not need as much change management soothing efforts when your company takes on a new product, or your production department changes equipment. Cross Training comes naturally Veterans are used to needing to b ...

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Federal Contract Workers minimum wage increased by Executive Order

Through an Executive Order, President Obama has changed the federal contract worker minimum wage rate from $7.25 per hour to $10.10. This is a 39 percent increase for workers of covered government contractors performing work on covered contracts. The minimum wage rate for these workers will now be indexed based on how the Consumer Price Index moves, beginning in January of 2016. The $10.10 rate only applies to work that is the result of solicitations issued o or after January 1, 2015. Are my government contract workers affected? If your workers are covered by the Service Contract Act or the Davis –Bacon Act, the work affected is contracts, or contract-like instruments, at the thresholds specified in those statures. Work related to Procurement contracts handled by the Fair labor Standard Act, is applicable to the Order when it exceeds the micro-purchase threshold. Detail of the Order are provided by the website here: ...

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How attractive is your company to potential talent?

Attracting talented employees starts with basic public relations tactics and ensuring that your company is well positioned in terms of web presence and other outlets that affect public image and perception. The following places are the first you should look when considering where your company might need to improve in an effort to attract and retain the top talent in the market. The company website – Even if you have a fantastic business that’s well respected in your industry, if your website is antiquated, potential talent will likely think similarly of your entire business operation. This is often the first impression most people get of your company when searching for your web presence, so having a website with current information and an attractive and user-friendly appearance is important. Your recruiting website – Having a recruiting website that gives a good idea of what life is like as an employee of your business is beneficial for those who are seeking as position at your compan ...

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Hiring National Sales Reps can be a costly mistake

When your company goes to hire a national sales rep with millions in quotas, the potential for a successful new-hire is immense. But, the potential for a hiring mistake is huge. Some of the biggest mistakes being made right now for hiring top sales reps include: Future proofing expectations Hiring a top sales rep now means your company is making a huge investment and taking a chance on a new employee. If your company changes its focus or its product line in the next year or two, you want to make sure the new sales rep will stay with the company. Your recruiting should set the expectations that product lines and offerings will change in the future to some degree, but that your company always shows support for sales reps during these changes in the form of continuously competitive compensation packages, training and support. You need to establish that when that employee is much more valuable a year or two down the road, that you will continue to value them and not leave them out to dry. Why do you think yo ...

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Save a ton of time and effort with retention, instead of recruiting.

Keeping your current productive employees keeps the company away from draining resources to fill positions. The company is impacted in many ways from an employee leaving: Moral Down A good employee that leaves has a impact on all the effort you spend in trying to make your company a great place to work. If the smart and talented people are leaving, what does that tell your other employees? Open Position Expenses Filling a vacated position is an expense situation. You not only need to attract applicants through advertisings and recruiting, but you need to spend your team's time and effort to run interviews for multiple candidates. Onboarding is hard Once your team finds someone to take the position, getting them up-to-speed can take a huge amount of time, sometimes months, before they employee is contributing their full load. There's new employee orientation, on the job training, setting up an office, meeting the people they will need to work with and setting accounts like email and voice mail. As ...

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