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Attitude is Everything When It Comes to Retention

If management in your company approaches company morale with an attitude that says "you're lucky to even have a job," then you're on the wrong track, and your best people are most likely looking for work elsewhere. Instead, you need buy-in from the top levels of leadership in your company when it comes to retention. If you can't find a manager who is willing to take the lead on this as an example to the rest of your organization, then seek out the manager with the biggest retention problem in their department, and offer the following efforts as a solution. You may be surprised how motivated your managers can be once these programs begin to show results. For one thing, don't focus too heavily on monetary rewards. It's a great idea to spend money on making employees feel appreciated, but often spending that money on non-monetary rewards can reap even greater benefits. Throw a banquet for the employees with the best compliance record on a problematic policy. When it comes to non-monetary rewards, focus on t ...

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Employees have options when it comes to investing for their children

Many are concerned with saving not only for their future but also for their children’s futures. As a result, employers are encouraged to offer savings options that can help employees save appropriately for their children. One option is a 529 college investment plan. This plan, as the name implies, specifically targets those who are trying to set up a college fund. To facilitate this, employers might be able to offer payroll deduction for employees. If the organization is to offer this as an employee benefit, the company might make a contribution to the account as well. Companies that offer payroll deduction into a 529 plan make it easier for their employee to proactively accomplish their savings goals. And it makes sense, as employees are more apt to focus on their savings when they’re in the workplace, where this concept is constantly reinforced. Savings plans are available in all but one state and although each plan differs, they generally offer investments based on age. The investment amoun ...

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The 3 Most Important Factors When Choosing a Manufacturer

The importance of picking the right manufacturer for your product cannot be overestimated. Problems in manufacturing can hurt your bottom line and your business' reputation if it results in an inferior product. With all that in mind, here are some tips to help you make the right choice when it comes to manufacturing. Size does matter: the size of a manufacturer's facility will tell you a lot about how long they've been in business. How long a manufacturer has been around can determine whether they've got the expertise to make a quality product for you, as well as whether they're prepared to handle the production volume you need. Speaking of production volume, remember to think about the future when considering it as a factor. You want your business to grow, so you'll need a manufacturer who can handle increasing demand without missing deadlines. Know their process: where does this manufacturer get their components? You may be considering someone with an excellent reputation in their industry, but are thei ...

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Is Your Best Employee Ready to Leave? Here’s How to Tell

Employee retention is key for any successful organization, especially when it comes to your most talented or experienced team members. Here are a few helpful warning signs that can help you recognize when someone is looking to “jump ship.” Change in work patterns Is your employee usually punctual, diligent, and focused, but lately has been letting things slide? If it’s a repeated pattern, then the employee in question may view their current position as less of a priority. Are they requesting more time off or sick days, maybe dressing more impressively than your typical dress code? Either of these could suggest that your employee is taking interviews at other organizations. Mind the frequency and tenor of interactions with their fellow employees, too. Someone planning to leave your company may be looking to distance themselves from colleagues or even burn bridges. Reduced Performance An employee who feels confident in their ability to find other work may start turning in shoddy work or tr ...

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2015's New Movements in Health Care

From developments around the ACA to the ever-accelerating pace of medical technology, a lot of exciting trends are on the horizon for health care providers and consumers. Here's a brief look at some of the things to watch for the remainder of 2015 and beyond. First, look for innovative partnerships between employers, tech allies, and traditional health care providers. In the past these organizations have worked independently, but new developments in the financial and technological landscape are making new partnerships and collaborations not only possible but beneficial to all involved. A related shift will involve patients and consumers increasingly valuing the convenience afforded by new technologies over the problem that those technologies have with maintaining consumer privacy. But what do we mean when we talk about "new medical technology?" There are a number of answers, including apps and smaller and smaller medical devices designed to monitor and report patients' health data and help with long-term di ...

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