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Calorie Counts at Non-Chain Restaurants Often Just as High as Chains

A new study is upending much conventional wisdom about dining out and the relative merits of different types of restaurants. Of course, federal law will be requiring fast-food restaurants and national chains to the display calorie counts for on their menus by the end of the year. But how many of us think of non-chain restaurants as just as unhealthy as those chains? A new study suggests that at least as far as calorie counts go, independent restaurants may be just as risky as their fast food counterparts. The study looked at restaurants in three cities, from a wide range of cuisine-types. Regardless, the study showed that the average meal at a non-chain restaurant had about 1,200 calories, which is comparable to most fast food joints, and about half the daily energy requirement for adults. The primary difference is that the chain restaurants actually show customers their counts. In one respect, this may actually allow customers to make more informed decisions when dining out. This is doubly true since r ...

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Does your organization’s drug policy adequately align with the industry?

As legislation to legalize marijuana becomes more prevalent across states, HR professionals are paying attention to drug use. Drug use among employees can have a significant impact not only on their health but also could affect their productivity and safety in the workplace. Those who use illegal drugs are also more likely to miss work. It’s estimated that roughly 24 million Americans use illegal drugs. Of those, approximately two thirds have jobs and might be members of your workforce. Smaller organizations who have less than 500 employees are most likely to encounter these issues. Usually, this is because these businesses are less likely to administer drug tests among their employees. What’s more, smaller companies incur more cost if an employee is to require a workers compensation claim. In certain trades and lines of work, work that is done improperly could have legal implications for the company. If not legal trouble, customers might not be the most satisfied with the goods or services ...

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MBA Brings Home Best Place To Work Honors Two Years in a Row

MBA was recently named a Best Place to Work in Tampa Bay in the Biggest Category, for the second consecutive year.  It is the tenth year MBA has been recognized as a finalist.

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Are employees engaged and understanding health care costs?

When it is time to make a decision about which physician to see for care, only 10 percent of patients think of changing doctors. Even more startling, less than 5 percent look at the cost of the care they intend to receive before they choose a provider. This research held true whether the patient was a member of a standard high-deductible health insurance plan. This research indicates that provider pricing does not seem to significantly affect health care costs. Instead, reduction in cost might be realized by avoiding care altogether. Experts are starting to wonder why consumers do not seem to care about the cost of care before they get it. Some say that the tools available to compare pricing are not adequate or easy enough for individuals to navigate and get clear answers. Experts believe that assigning star-type ratings to providers might help mitigate this issue, it is not enough to make a significant difference on how patients choose a provider. The research states that over half of those surveyed sai ...

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Five reasons your workers dislike wellness programs

Companies are spending more and more money on keeping their workforce healthy, in an effort to save money at the end of the day. Wellness programs have emerged as a leading tool for organizations to use to encourage their workers to live healthier, more active lifestyles. But not all workers appreciate or enjoy having the wellness program. Here are some reasons why employees might not like wellness programs: Many individuals view their job as a true source of stress – one that might be having an impact on their health. In these cases, they might not be eager to hear about the organization’s efforts to try to make them healthier so the company can cut costs. The wellness program itself might not be broad enough to meet everyone’s needs. Well-rounded programs can more appropriately serve various audiences with a wide range of physical and mental health needs. Employees are not having fun. The more engaged they are, the more likely they are to participate. If employers and wellness program ...

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