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It’s not just cool benefits that employers should focus on

HR Managers are eager to build benefit programs that will attract and retain talented employees within their organization. But no matter how cool the benefits might be, a robust benefit package won’t be enough. New HR managers should focus on driving the culture of their team. Make truth a priority among the workplace. Create an environment where employees feel safe to address any issues or concerns that might arise. Ask you employees how they’re feeling and what they think about things. Encourage executive leadership to foster an inclusive environment. All of these things will help build the best work environment for your employees. But for those who still want cool benefits, here are a few ideas: Get employee discounts or coupons for local restaurants. It’s nice to choose some close to the office so employees have options to go out for lunch.  Bring an oil-change service on site and offer oil change services for employees in the parking lot while they work. If you comm ...

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The largest mistakes small businesses can make

Owning and operating a small business is one of the most challenging undertakings for any entrepreneur. It requires discipline and a calculated amount of risk. If those risks aren’t properly mitigated, the business could be at risk. Here are four of the biggest mistakes made among small businesses: Focusing on the day to day of the business instead of the big picture of the business. Taking care of everything without any employees will not give the business the opportunity to grow. It will only create an exhausted business owner who might lack the ambition to bring the company to it’s fullest potential. Surrounding yourself with positive, influential people will help the vitality of the business.  Not paying attention to the legal and tax responsibilities that come with the business: No company is exempt from legal and tax obligations to the federal and sometimes state government. If you don’t pay attention, you might find yourself being audited and could be at risk to lose ...

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New overtime rules might create new challenges for your business

Companies need to ensure that their organization is prepared to adhere to the new Department of Labor regulations surrounding overtime. The new rule raises the minimum rate of pay for FLSA exemptions. Experts agree that not all organizations are currently prepared to be compliant with the new regulations. The ideal implementation plan, according to experts, is to prepare your organization to implement within two months of the final publication of the rule. Companies first need to look at their timekeeping practices. It’s also important to look at policies and procedures for using mobile devices for business-related activities. Travel and other off-the clock work are other important considerations that shouldn’t be missed. Here are some other tips for employers: Consider employees that might need to be reclassified Create new compensation packages for employees who are reclassified Review and update wage policies and procedures as needed Ensure all changes are appropriately ...

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Two FAQs & Answers on the DOL / FLSA Changes to the Overtime Exemption

Two questions employers typically have related to the overtime exempt / non-exempt employee classification changes deal with record-keeping and working outside of regular hours, such as travel time. 

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Why employee engagement matters when it comes to your bottom line

Business owners and leaders will repeat – although it might not seem like a major issue or concept with a significant impact on cost, employee engagement is important. Engaged employees are more dedicated, more productive and more likely to promote the company outside of the workplace. Experts offer significant ways that engaged employees can improve on your company’s bottom line: Minimizing mistakes, maximizing profits: Employees that are engaged and truly focused on their goals and responsibilities are less likely to make mistakes. While some mistakes are small and not so costly, others can have a significant impact on the business and should be avoided. Employees that are engaged are still human and therefore will still make mistakes, but there will be fewer. They will focus on their responsibilities and work to ensure that mistakes are not commonplace in their work. With engaged employees, you can expect fewer surprises and more consistent work. Engagement from the start will save you mone ...

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